If you ever think to ask, 'Vivian, what are you doing now?', this is where you will find my answer. This page is inspired by Derek Sivers, whose intentional decisions I find extremely moving. I would totally read your Now page, if you feel up to making one yourself. 

As for me, I am...

Making videos

My goal is to make 152 videos, before I evaluate my roadmap again. I usually peck away at the footage from Monday to Thursday. When the groovy music and rainbow text are in their right places, I upload the video and schedule it for the following Monday.

I find that by making a video every week, I am killing several birds with one stone, such as:
  • Learning how to tell a story
  • Encouraging myself to try new things
  • Learning to take periodic breaks and not burn out
  • Finding out what sort of YouTuber I am not
  • Learning to be consistent
  • Learning to talk to the camera
  • Allowing my kind of people a chance to find me
Why 152 videos? This statistic will explain that.

Weaving words

I have always journaled, but they are pages for my eyes only. I began writing stories in the captions of my Instagram posts, but something about the attention-grabbing medium felt inappropriate. I created this blog to write for me. Since then, I have gradually increased the frequency of my writing habit. My current pace is writing once a week, on this blog and my newsletter. I like the momentum that this practice provides.

As any writer would tell you, reading and writing go hand-in-hand. Here is where I keep a list of the books I have read. I am now reading On Writing Well by William Zinsser. He feels like a faraway kindred spirit and an excellent mentor. I am always on a look out for people like that.

Updated November 24th, 2021, from Fyn, Denmark.

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