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I found someone whom I love. Home sweet home. Long time no see, my friend. Wow... There would be spiderwebs everywhere around here, if my blog exists in the material realm. So, so much has happened since I last published on November 15, 2022. Winter is coming to an end. I still dress myself with three layers of clothing on my upper body, but can now forgo the thermal leggings under my pants. (I will take that.) How do you have a conversation with an old friend? Do you start by telling him/her that you are prepared to give up your long-time dream of becoming a writer/author? Or do we sit silence for a bit? I am able to write today because I have a sick day off from my praktik (internship). I spend my Wednesdays and Thursdays at a nursing home near my place, taking care of elderly folks. The work is tough physically, but I genuinely enjoy making the old people feel seen. Showing up at work each time makes me just a little more convinced that this is the line of work that I want to do fo

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