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Orphaned at birth

 Hello there. Hannah has been sick for four days now. I dread each additional sick day a lot more. It is just like accumulative interest. It really adds up. I haven’t been able to attend language school the past two days, because Hannah has been too sick to go to kindergarten. She has this absolutely awful cough, that sounds like there is slime sitting in her lungs. She just vomited while watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Thereby fulfilling her daily quota of puking once a day.  Needless to say, my daughter being sick is a total curveball, that ‘disrupts’ my routine. For one, it is my first time having to take off from school. I really miss riding 16km (one way) on my bicycle, to and fro school. It has been my happy pill. I’m proud to report that after three days of cycling back and forth, my body has acclimatised to the steep hills and it no longer feels difficult to make the distance. But I guess I will have to work my body up to it again after this hiatus. I cycled a little today w

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