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Identity: Who I want to be

 Hey sup. I had an existential crisis yesterday, where I questioned the point of life. Meaninglessness. Existential psychology tells us that the meaning of life is entirely decided by the individual, if he or she is ready to take responsibility for his/her life, and to act. I started thinking. Why am I in school?  What’s the point of getting all these super great feedback from my teachers? I am doing a 2-year programme now, which would eventually grant me admission to a Danish university bachelor’s degree. Why do I want a bachelor’s degree now, when I have dropped out before? Why? Why? Why now?  Today the snow melts. I feel somewhat ill. Some of us were given permission to work on our Danish analysis from home. I contemplated using this free time to pick up Hannah’s bag and winter boots, which I absentmindedly left on the bus two weekends ago. But it was snowing and raining this morning, so I didn’t go. At least I finished a psychology assignment, that is up to my own standards. I fou

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