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Easy is tough

 I am learning to just be with myself. To just take it easy. To feel whatever I feel at this moment. To feel every craving. To give into my fatigue, pain, emptiness. Not to rush into doing what 'has to be done'.  'By right', Hannah shouldn't be napping now. But I let her anyway. Maybe there isn't any right or wrong in life. Maybe there is only right now. - Since my last post, I have moved into a new room in the crisis centre. They offered me a room that I absolutely did not want, and I fought hard to get the room that we are currently in. I knew in my heart that we were lucky that we got to stay in a luxuriously large room (room number 2), from February to May. But moving to an undesirable room (number 4) was just not something that I could accept. Our current room (number 8) is smaller, but I like it. I maximised what little space we have. Everything we have has its rightful place, as usual.  Hannah and I have a really cosy space. We are now on the second floor

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