‘On the border of two worlds’


Home for the weekend. 

Hannah and I had a wickedly wonderful weekend over at Anne and Toni’s. It was meant to be a one-night sleepover on Saturday but as soon as we arrived, it became obvious that one night was not enough. Why not make it two?

Hannah goes to kindergarten with one of their girls. That was how we met. 

You know the feeling when you travel the world on a backpack, and chance upon other fellow antevasins on the road? The ones who can’t help but think differently about the world, far away from the mainstream, cookie-cutter line of thought. That was how I felt when I first found myself seated at the same picnic bench as Anne and Toni at one of our kindergarten events. 

From the film, Eat Pray Love. Felipe says to our protagonist, “We are both antevasins, my dear.” To which she asks, “what is that?”. He answers that it is an in-between. It’s the one who lives by the border.


antevasin (plural antevasins)

1. Someone who lives on the border of two worlds (materialistic and transcendental)'

Anne and her Spanish husband, Toni. Such cool people.

I stayed up late into the night, drinking and talking philosophy with Anne without feeling particularly tired the next day. Our conversations recharge me. We are as good together as our daughters are together. It’s really quite priceless, what we have. 

I did have my first hangover ever though, after too many glasses of red wine and rosé. Haha.

Playing board games with Anne and Ona 😊☺️
This one was a memory game.

Toni went oyster picking at the beach and came home with this goodness! I got to try fresh oysters. So good!

I made a Singaporean street snack, called muah chee, for ‘dessert’. Unfortunately it was too chewy for the girls’ liking. Only Hannah devoured it haha.

It’s Monday again but I feel like I have truly recharged during the weekend, that I am ready for the week ahead. Possibly because Hannah was 100% occupied by Alda all weekend, instead of running to me all the time to fill up her cup.

I am waiting for my new fridge to arrive. It’s a ‘home office’ a.k.a. truancy day today. I have decided that I will do what’s best for me from now on, instead of attending class all day, everyday. If I do not have the capacity to absorb more information, or if my landlord gives me a new fridge, if I happen to have a therapy appointment, I shall not interpret my absence from class as a sign of weakness. Because it is not. 

Peace out!


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